Canadian Man Distributes Hemp Oil To Help Cure Cancer Patients

Cancer survivor Rick Simpson credits Hemp Oil as the natural extract that saved his life. He’s since been on a mission to share the life-saving benefits of hemp oil with other cancer patients.

The story of Rick Simpson begins in 2003 when he was diagnosed with metastatic skin cancer in numerous areas across his neck and face. Skin cancer is often one of the most deadly forms of cancer because of how quickly skin cells regenerate. Every cycle of cell regeneration means the cancerous cells replicate and squeeze out the healthy cells. Organs like the skin, pancreas and lung cells can replicate and spread cancer rapidly.

Mr. Simpson says he went through the typical treatment options recommended by his doctors. Surgery removed the diseased skin areas and yet the diagnosis kept coming back over the course of a year that the cancer had not been cured. One day Rick says he recalled a headline from many years earlier that said cannabis was proving to treat cancer in rats effectively. Already on an ingested hemp oil regiment to treat other health ailments, Rick said he decided, maybe if hemp oil could kill cancer in rats, it could cure his cancer.

He started applying hemp oil topically to the areas of skin cancer and within days was seeing results. According to Rick, within the week his skin cancer was cured.

Being a believer in hemp oil to treat his cancer and his other symptoms, Simpson has now become a hemp oil disciple. Combined with oral or topical applications, he claims that hemp is the solution to heal yourself. He has effectively treated over 5,000 patients displaying all kinds of ailments with his hemp oil solution. He does this all free of charge as well — wanting to spread the message of hemp being able to heal people in a natural way. Simpson says that his hemp oil solution has proved an effective treatment option for a wide variety of conditions in his devoted followers, including cancer, AIDS, arthritis, glaucoma, asthma, migraines and more.

Skeptics may have their doubts, but with the thousands of happy patients who claim to have benefited from Simpson’s high quality hemp oil, there is a strong case for his claims. Also, he touts that if you aren’t sure, you should at least try it. While people will keenly try drugs with horrendous side effects that include all kind of awful conditions and even death, no known hemp oil deaths have ever been recorded. In fact he claims that the only side effect reported by a small number of patients has been increased appetite and sleepiness. It may be worth a try to see if results like Rick’s are possible!

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